Programs & Fine Arts at Virginia Academy

At Virginia Academy, it is our firm belief that every child is endowed with gifts, talents, and abilities. Our job is to discover and develop them. Therefore, at Virginia Academy, every student is exposed to and given an opportunity to discover his or her talent in art, music, and drama. 

Fine Arts

Virginia Academy offers weekly visual art and chorus classes for every preschool and elementary student, enabling students to utilize their creative skills. In addition to classes and clubs, students (preschool through HS) have the opportunity to perform twice a year on our fully theatric stage in an 800 seat auditorium.


Visual art classes are provided every week for preschool and elementary students by an art teacher with years of visual art teaching experience. Middle school students participate in visual art classes twice a week for at least one semester and high school students may elect to take visual art as an elective credit for a full year. Students are taught a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, and sculpting.


All preschool and elementary students have drama class once a week and participate in two performances a year. All 6-8th grade students participate in drama class twice weekly where students have regular performance and speaking opportunities. This class provides a foundation for future upper school performing arts classes. These classes take an in-depth approach to theatre and public speaking. Additionally, all Upper School students have the option to participate in drama club after school. Drama club students practice improvisational acting and other advanced acting skills. It sponsors the “winter-one act” and spring main stage productions. Any upper school student may audition for these productions.


From preschool to upper school, students are able to develop and showcase their musical gifts and talents. In addition to chorus classes which are offered weekly for all students preschool through upper school, students are introduced to musical instruments in early elementary levels. Grades 2 through upper school are able to participate in our instrumental band and strings program.