Reviews of Virginia Academy

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Why is Virginia Academy among the Best Private Schools in Ashburn, VA?

We believe the early years in a child’s education are so important in their overall development and we found that at Virginia Academy. Our experience with the Virginia Academy has been amazing.

We transferred into Virginia Academy this school year and absolutely love it! My kids are thriving! My son is in Middle School and is having an exceptional experience academically, socially, and spiritually.

Moving my daughter from a public school to VA Academy was the best decision I have ever made. All the staff truly care about the kids. It’s a family oriented school and my daughter loves it! Would recommend this school to anyone.

After a not so stellar experience at another private Christian school, we moved our daughter, Liliana, to VA Academy for first grade and she is thriving, loving her environment and obtaining all the benefits we expected from a private education. Not only has Liliana reaped the benefits from VA Academy, we as a family, have as well. I am so impressed by the level of education and care Liliana receives as soon as she is greeted at the entrance every morning. I am also highly impressed by the level of professionalism VA Academy operates under. I have no doubt that our decision to change schools was the right one for our family, and that our daughter (and son when he enters kindergarten the fall of 2019) are where they are supposed to be to learn about the basics of education and God's love for them. Thank you VaA for all that you do to educate and nurture our future leaders!!

My daughter is attending preschool here; my son is in Kindergarten at a different school. After the experiences of this year, we are switching my son to attend Virginia Academy too for next year. My daughter is already learning to read, loves going to school, and genuinely thrives. The teachers and staff have gone above and beyond for our family, and we appreciate it. She is learning not only language, numbers, and analytical thinking, but how to be a good person and citizen too. Sending our children to this school has been a great choice. <h5></h5>

  We are so happy we found Virginia Academy! Everything about this school is great! We love the staff, the diversity, the curriculum and, of course, the heart for God. VAA is a huge blessing to our family. The warm atmosphere is amazing! The teachers are great and they care about the students!! The foundation that VAA is building for my son is amazing! I could go on for hours!!! If you need a GOOD school this is the place for your family! #besteducation #WeloveVAA #bestdecision

Words do not capture the amazing experience my children have in the preschool program at Virginia Academy. The short version--my kids ask to go to school on Saturdays and Sundays because they miss their teachers and friends and playing and learning. The long version, VAA has it all-- top quality teachers, top quality staff, a great curriculum and an amazing facility. My children's teachers are smart, experienced and loving: they go above and beyond to make each kid successful. When my daughter had some nerves adjusting to a new school--her teacher went out and purchased purple stickers (her favorite color) and other items to help make her days successful. My son's teacher was our biggest cheerleader while we were potty training with words of encouragement, advice and constant communication-- a true team effort. The curriculum is outstanding- on the academic side my kids are learning phonics, counting and science with enthusiasm. Just as important- they are learning to be good people with manners, sharing and showing consideration for others and the world around them. And then there is the facility. This place is HUUUUGE, and they use the space to keep the kids MOVING! While most preschool programs/daycares keep the children in one room throughout the day--with breaks only to go outside if the weather permits--VAA has the children moving throughout the day. From the classroom, to the bathrooms, to the activity room, to the reign forest, the science room and of course the outside playground, they aren't stuck in one place all day long. VAA has been fantastic for our family and I would strongly encourage everyone to visit an Open House to learn more.

Love, love, love VAA. Daughter attended elementary school and have decided to enroll her in the high school. Our preschooler is thriving! Having just celebrated 100 days of school we love the curriculum, environment, and teachers. We are so impressed with his learning experience.

<h5>Our son is thriving at VAA! This is our first year and we could not be more thrilled. The teachers are incredible and very caring. It is evident they will go the extra mile to partner with parents to help each student be successful. We feel incredibly blessed for our son to be in such a warm and positive environment. Did I mention we love the curriculum? Tough, straightforward, and comprehensive.</h5>

<h5>I am so happy how much my child has flourished at Virginia Academy. She has learned so much and I couldn't be happier seeing how happy she is to attend pre-school. Her teachers are wonderful and are so engaged with the children. Great decision we made to enroll her. #happymom</h5>

<h5>Amazing school with wonderful teachers and directors!! My family and I have been so blessed to be able to send our son here!</h5>

Virginia Academy is a very safe school. There are security cameras everywhere and we have a security guard and security system. The buddy system is always in use so there's no children wondering the building alone. Every month there are emergency drills to ensure preparedness in cases of emergency. No strangers are ever allowed to enter or roam without checking in, given a specific visitor pass, and the definitely must have a reason to be there. The school nurse keeps up to date with policies and procedures (my mom used to help with the medical office). There are AED machines located in multiple places. Even on field trips there are policies to ensure safety.

Virginia Academy is a great school and I'm glad to be a part of it. I definitely would choose this school all over again because of the very unique experience I've had here. Because the class sizes are not ridiculously large, everyone is your friend and supports others. The teachers are also extremely accessible and involved in your life because they really want what is best for you. At my school our now principle made up a saying while he was my English teacher. At the time we were making poems and he came up with the phrase E.L.E.- Everybody Love Everybody. This little phrase is an exact description of the Virginia Academy family. I'm lucky to have been surrounded by the supportive and educated people at VAA. There are a few things that could be changed but overall it is an outstanding school.

Great school. The teachers are friendly and will always make time for you when you need help. Great opportunities to get involved in the school as a student, and to serve in the community.

My children have attended since ages 2 & 3. My son is in 10th grade & my daughter is a senior now. They are not only being prepared well for college, but for successful living. They have been given numerous opportunities to develop leadership qualities and participate in extracurricular activities. Their faith has been strengthened as well as developing a healthy respect for authority and others.

Nice curriculum, great teachers and positive environment. My kids love this school and I love this school for discipline, education, moral values and most of all great environment to be in. I highly recommend this school.

I love that they incorporate church with the school. I didn't know God before I came here.

Virginia Academy is teaching me about all these things, like science, history, drama ... I want to be an engineer when I grow up. It's helping me be ready for what's next.

Everyone is friendly and the teachers explain the questions to you if you don't actually know what the words mean.

Our family feels the need to invest in the lives of our children, and we are compelled to do this by investing in their school. We have been blessed with amazing teachers and staff that have provided unwavering support to our children (and in turn, us), especially in moments when our lives have been incredibly busy or chaotic. Besides, we feel that our children's safety and their opportunity to learn and expand in this fast-paced world are of the utmost importance for their success and vitality now and in the future.  We give wholeheartedly because we know that offering the school any financial advantage above the "norm" or what is "sufficient" will translate to the direct benefit of our children while they attend Virginia Academy. The school has provided a great deal of transparency on how they plan to use the additional funds from families. We cannot deny the growing need for added security and upgraded technology in our children’s classrooms. As a parent, I cannot ignore how much of an issue safety is becoming these days, considering recent tragedies across the nation. It is top priority for any parent to know their children are safe and protected from any formidable acts of terror while they are outside their homes. Personally, we feel strongly about contributing to this in our own little way, to ensure the school CAN set up the systems to guard ourselves against such mishaps. Knowing that this is a top priority for Virginia Academy, we are wanting to support the school as best as we can to help provide a highly competitive education for our children.