How Important Is the Right Kindergarten Through Third Grade Foundation?

Early elementary school isn’t just for dramatic play and recess anymore. The foundation your child sets in kindergarten through third grade can set the stage for the rest of their academic career. But don’t panic! There’s no need to feel heavy pressure. Early childhood education is an incredibly rich time for your child’s rapidly developing mind; their brains cannot wait to soak up new knowledge. Here’s how to ensure your child gets the best foundation possible.

Don’t Skip the Routine: Rest and Nutrition Matter

When your child first starts school, it’s easy to accidentally let old routines fall through the cracks. But don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep and proper nutrition for little learners! 

  • Maintain an early bedtime and a peaceful bedtime routine to help your child wind down each night. If you can, sleep train your child and help them to have a comforting and peaceful environment when tucking them in for the night.
  • Make sure that your family eats a nutrient-rich, low-sugar breakfast every morning before school.
  • Eat dinner together as a family as many nights a week as possible.

All of these factors can influence your child’s success at school.

Read Together EVERY DAY

There are few things that can influence your child’s future success quite like nurturing a love of reading. 

“Shared reading, (taking turns reading a book and asking lots of questions), has been shown to strengthen not just a child’s language skills but also imagination and memory. Research shows that reading for pleasure has a huge impact on students’ school performance.” –Innovate Public Schools

Reading to and with your child, every day, is one of the best things you can do to invest in their academic success. 

Work to Meet Reading and Math Goals by Third Grade 

“Third grade is a critical point in both math and reading. One study shows that children who are reading proficiently by the end of third grade are four times more likely to graduate from high school on time.” Innovate Public Schools 

Ideally, children should be reading and doing math at or beyond grade level by the third grade. An excellent foundation starting in kindergarten will help your child meet these targeted objectives. 

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Keep Your Eye on Standardized Tests

But don’t panic!

Annual standardized testing is a tool. A tool to help you and your child’s teachers assess your child’s mastery of each grade. If your child isn’t meeting or exceeding standards, work with your child’s teachers to create a plan to help them get back on track. At Virginia Academy, our low teacher/student ratio gives each student the chance to thrive, encouraging them every step of the way.

Virginia Academy Sets the Right Foundation

Our school is a diverse and supportive learning community where students develop a life-long love of learning and are prepared for their best futures. Virginia Academy views each student as an individual and endeavors to meet the academic needs of every student. We want your child to leave us feeling prepared to take the next step in life and to take that step confidently.

Want to make sure your child is getting the best early childhood foundation possible? Drop in for Take a Look Tuesday to experience life at Virginia Academy.