VA Academy Class of 2024 by the Numbers

As another school year comes to a close, we are excited to see all that the Virginia Academy class of 2024 has accomplished. Congratulations to our Class of 2024 for their hard work and accomplishments!

Here at Virginia Academy, faith, scholarship, and purpose drive everything we do. The graduating class of 2024 has exemplified those values in countless ways. Numbers cannot sum up the impact this class has had, but here are a few statistics worth celebrating:

59 Graduates

Our class of 2024 was comprised of 59 intelligent and ambitious students. Our students are athletes, musicians, artists, writers, and much more who are destined for a life of “hitting the mark.” The Class of 2024 is our largest graduating class in Virginia Academy history and we’re currently expanding to make room for even more students in the future.

150+ College Acceptances

Collectively, our graduates gained over 150 college acceptances to schools around the nation. The Class of 2024 will go on to gain degrees and pursue higher education at schools such as the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, and Baylor to name a few!

10,000+ Hours of Community Service

At Virginia Academy, we emphasize and value serving the community, as we are called to do as Christians. Students can be seen volunteering with a variety of local organizations including Community Church, Loudoun Hunger Relief, and Mobile Hope. Our graduating class of 2024 collectively dedicated 10,000+ hours to loving and caring for communities, both close to home and far away.

$6 Million earned in Scholarships

Not only were our graduates accepted to over 100 schools, but were also awarded a collective 6 million dollars in both academic, sports, and ROTC scholarships. They are both financially and academically prepared to enter college. Many of our students graduated with Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment credits that will give them a head start in college. Our students go above and beyond in the classroom, on the field, and in all arenas of life.

9 Athletes Signed to Play in College

In addition to academic excellence, several of our students have signed to continue to play their sport in college. Nine of these students have been recognized for their tremendous talent and have been given the opportunity to continue to shine on the field and court. Learn more about our student athletes who are going on to compete in college.

Preparation for College and Beyond

Ultimately, Virginia Academy strives to make a positive impact on our students academically, socially, and spiritually. In this class, we have raised leaders that will succeed in college and in life.

One of our graduating seniors, Kristina Rakotobe, shares what Virginia Academy means to her, “I remember coming to Virginia Academy during my tour and just feeling the Holy Spirit in this place. I really felt like this was the place where I was supposed to be.”

Do you have what it takes to be a Virginia Academy graduate? Learn more about Virginia Academy and schedule a phone call with our admissions team by visiting the admissions page.

Our students continue to impress by their commitment to excellence through faith, scholarship, and purpose. Congratulations, Class of 2024!