Top Tips to Make This the Best Summer Ever

The last few months of school always seem to fly by in a whirlwind. Projects, events, dress up days, class parties, final grades, and before you know it, your child has reached the first day of summer vacation.

…Now what?

It can be so easy for summer to slip by with day after day of video games and watching TV, but before you pick up that remote, take a look at these tips to make your summer more memorable!

1. Keep Learning (and Make it Fun!)

Parents often worry about summer learning loss and for good reason: students lose an average of one month of school year learning over the summer! It is more important than ever for children to keep their minds active while outside the classroom. This summer, try playing an instrument, learning a new sport, or joining the summer reading program at your local library.

2. Explore Somewhere New

When you have active children, staying at home all day gets old fast. Look for ways your child can get active and enjoy a change in scenery like a new hiking trail, indoor playground, or water park! Want to make it educational? Check out a local library or museum.

3. Spend Time with Friends

Summer is the perfect time to meet up with old friends and make new ones! Some children feel lonely when they stop seeing their friends everyday at school, so it’s important to find opportunities for children to socialize over the summer. Consider planning meetups at local playgrounds or signing your child up for a sports team.

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